Making Real Change In Our Education System

This is the United States, the most admired and prosperous country in the world. Why does our education system fail so many of our youth? We need to start taking education seriously and stop pushing it to the side. It isnt just a political issue. It is simply responding to the fact that when our citizens are educated there are benefits that result in an excellent return on our investment. Educated citizens tend to have better health so that we can spend less on healthcare, they tend to resort to criminal behavior much less often so we can spend less on law enforcement, educated Americans also earn more money on average, so we can spend less on social services. Educated Americans with no student loans tend to have better credit so we can have lower default rates on mortgages and other forms of credit. Any way you look at it, an investment in education is  the best investment we can make. We just need to get serious and do it.  

The United States, on average, pays more per student for education than any other country. It has been shown that schools in other countries do better while spending less money becasue they focus on paying their teachers very well and making teaching a desired profession. If you look at the breakdown of how we spend our educatin dollars, a large percentage goes to administrative workers. The translation is “large bureaucracy that needs streamlining”. We need to raise the rate of pay for actual teachers because we need to attract talented individuals and honestly, talented individuals don’t sign up for poverty and struggle. The teachers we are lucky to have are simply selfless individuals. We also need to make sure that every single student in our country can go to school to a classroom that is has the books and technological tools necessary to graduate high school seniors with an education that cannot be beaten by any class of students from anywhere else in the world.

Another thing that is critical. We need to take police officers out of the schools except as security for the facility. They should not be interacting with the students and it should be made clear that they are only there to protect the school, not arrest students for acting like teenagers. Of course, if a student attacks a teacher, they need a differnt level of intervention than the school can provide. We need to handle student misbehavior like what it is, through discipline handled by the school, detention and suspension, not criminalization and encarceration. How can we teach our students tolerance without showing tolerance? 

Pull Together America supports the following changes to the way we educate our children.

  1. What good is a space force if our population is ignorant? Making education a federal budget priority is absolutely necessary! If we can pay 21.9 billion dollars per year for 12 aircraft carrier groups that we dont really needfive million dollars per day for each of our eleven aircraft carriers that are depreciating every day, funding pre-k thru the first bachelor’s degree has to be done in order for us to remain competitive in the real competition our country is engaged in. This is necessary to adequately educate the two groups in our country that need it the most. Poor and middle class families. Students from poor families suffer because the compulsory education they recieve is often significantly insuficient to prepare them for the rigors of college and although they can qualify for aid that often pays for their education, they may fail out becaue the work is much too advanced for them. Paying for college is aimed directly at helping our working middle class to do what they do best, growing our economy and creating prospetity for all of us. So far the middle calss almost never receive any type of help whatsoever. They come out of college hobbled by massive student loan debt and end up damaging their credit to the point where they don’t qualify for mortgages. This is a serious problem for the future of our economy. All of this will be done in such a way that college will be publicly funded but will coninue to be administered the same way. Admission will still be competitive so they wont be flooded with unprepared students.  
  2. High performing schools that exist in wealthy neighborhoods should not be interferd with because we don’t want to pull anyone down.
  3. Such high performing schools will be used as models for all schools accross the country and we will make education a federal priority alongside military preparedness but at a fraction of the cost.
  4.  We all know that something is wrong. We need our schools to be funded in such a way that each school has the required resources to educate our children to a level where scoring a 1500 plus on the SAT is common as it is in many well funded schools across the country. We also need to attract bright minds to teaching. Low wages, low prestige, and large workloads aren’t the way to do it.  Our education system is so poorly funded that many teachers resort to using their own money to help teach their students. The world is vastly more complicated and technological than just 20 years ago. The job market requires a much better educated workforce. Many of our children graduate from high school unprepared for college and unprepared for the job market. 

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