Helping People To Help Themselves

This is the thing. A person on public assistance can’t make gradual improvements like the rest of us. Once they pass a certain low threshold, boom, no food help, boom no housing help, boom no childcare help and boom no healthcare. Just a rather small improvement can easily lead to real difficulty. We aren’t talking about unemployed people either. Most have a job but are unskilled. They work long hours and they have no choice. Public assistance should be designed to help a person temporarily and give them a push along and off of assistance. It should be designed as a comprehensive program designed to get people back on track and off of public assistance. Some people need job training and relocation to a place with more of those jobs. Some people have children so childcare should be paid for temporarily while the other issues are addressed. The key is that public assistance shouldn’t stop suddenly. It should not last forever either. It should taper to a stop after certain scheduled milestones are reached and the recipient’s situation is obviously stable. Doing it this way would drastically reduce the number of people on public assistance. If we want fewer people on public assistance, this is how we do it.

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