Fair Elections

Wow! Very pretty and motivating. Hopefully, it motivates some of us to make sure that at least some of thosw words actually apply to our country. Lets face it. How can we say that we have a democracy or that we have equality in the United States if our elections aren’t even fair? How can we tolerate the gerrymandering, strategic purging of voter registrations, posting police outside of polling locations to scare voters away, alienating people from their constitutional right to vote because of unpaid bills, arresting people becasue they didn’t know they had unpaid bills, changing the polling locations at the last minute, and other voter suppression tactics and tricks? How can any American stand it? If we don’t do something today, we will see this kind of unAmerican behavior continue and spread until it is normal for decades to come. America as we know it will just be a memory. We will work hard to elect people who won’t stand for it and will fight just as hard to put an end to this violation of our basic constitutional rights. We need your help and we cant make change without you. 

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