We will either become an isolationist, nationalist, authoritarian country with a stagnant economy, ruled by a wealthy aristocratic class or we will remain a world leader that inspires other nations to greatness, where our citizens are confident in their rights, ruled by law instead of people, and reaping the fruit of peace, scientific discovery, and global collaboration.

 Pull Together America is nonpartisan but very slightly left-leaning, like most Americans. Our objective is to address the actual issue at hand. Why was a person like Trump able to get the Republican nomination regardless of the warnings of the senior Republican leadership that he was “unfit for office”?

Why has Trump gotten to where he controls the entire Republican party? Don’t the more senior Republicans have the truth and experience on their side? No. The fact is that Trump is just like his voters. He is in fact one of them. He said it himself. He gets his news from watching TV and one particular cable news channel that has a continuous loop of anger, fear, and accusations. 

He has been brainwashed by the same 24-hour diet of fearmongering, rabid nationalism, right-wing conspiracy theories and hatred for fellow Americans with conflicting views.

This is what is changing the Republican base faster than the Republican party can keep up.  At Pull Together America we know what is destroying the Republican party and we are fighting to keep it from destroying our country.

The democratic candidates think that we are still dealing with American politics but our current president has actually called our free press the enemy of the people. Almost half of our country has given the president a pass on actually calling part of our constitution “phony”! 

The thing that is tearing us apart is out of control nationalism, fascism, racism, and a relentless campaign of misinformation, propaganda, and the accompanying discrediting of our free press. Soon we will be throwing books into bonfires. We already have some individuals carrying torches and chanting nazi slogans. 

The sinister mechanism that put Trump in office has never stopped fighting. Under the surface, things are still getting worse. Trump is simply a dire warning of what is secretly happening in households and communities across our great nation.

While democrats behave as though they are fighting for votes, our opponents are functioning at a deeper level and fighting for the very minds of our fellow Americans. They are working hard, day and night churning out propaganda, libel, slander, podcasts, radio broadcasts, newspapers, conspiracy theories, fake documents, truly fake news, fake Facebook accounts, fake twitter accounts, and creating massive bubbles of misinformation in many communities across our great country. As a result, they have essentially taken over the republican party. Nearly one hundred million Americans have been radicalized and millions more are in the pipeline. They have convinced nearly 36% of the country that our free press is the enemy of the people!To them, the truth seems like a lie and they only trust those who have been lying to them all of this time so that regular campaigning is a wasted effort.  

It is because, until now, truth hasn’t had dedicated zealots driven by a seething hatred for lies and fascism who will do anything within the law to fight for it. There hasn’t been a smart, technically proficient, multidisciplinary core of individuals working hard to fight for truth and righteousness.

Today, with your support, that changes! Pull Together America will fight for you. We will fight for truth. We will fight for Democracy. We will fight to remove Trump from office and we will fight to snap American back to her majestic senses before we kill each other. 

Please help us! This is the most important fight of our generation. If we lose this war it doesn’t matter what happens next. Please help us as much as you can. We need dollars and motivated people  Every $20 helps us to reach more than 4000 voters so every donation, large or small makes a big difference and will help us to win this fight. Please give what you can. Please click the donate button at the top of the page and follow the instructions.

For those of you bold enough to actually get your hands dirty and help stop the madness, click the join us button then click . We need your skills. We really do! If you have worked at a political action commitee in the past, we need you. Otherwise, if you are a social psychologist, social media specialist, fundraisng professional, lawyer, political scientist, web developer, UX designer, blogger, podcaster, writer or simply want to lend a hand we need you too. Just click “join us”, then click “Join our team”.

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We will pull America together so that we are functioning based on a common set of facts. We will reach those who have been radicalized and those who have not yet been taken. We will mobilize those who care about our country and want to be active paricipantsin this struggle against evil. Nothing can prevent the truth movement from spreading like a California wildfire. Truth itself is our weapon.