How To Solve Our Heathcare Problem

There are sales people who get a percentage of your money, customer service reps, adjusters to disagree with your doctor, actuaries to make sure you are paying enough, underwriters, accountants, and a whole list of other roles at each of these 900 companies. They also spend 100 billion dollars per year on advertising. That is a ton of overhead! We spend over 500 billion dollars per year just on that overhead and the doctors and hospitals live off of the leftovers.  Do not let them fool you into believing they make little profit. They are finance people. They know how to show loss even if they are shoving money into their pockets. 

After all of this spending, not a single dime has yet been spent on your healthcare.  This accounts for a large portion of the income in healthcare costs. Oh thats right. It’s not the cost of medicine or procedures. They have actually been going down while you have been told by the poor healthcare compnaies that they are suffering.

We need toget rid of this rediculous farce that we call a healthcare system and replace it with a system with no pofit motive except on the parts of those who deserve it, the doctors and hospitals who have been on teh front lines during this epidemic tha thas claimed the lives of so many. This is how other countries are able to spend much less than we do on healthcare and have such better health outcomes. It is not socialism to have a one payer system paid for by a payroll deduction the same as your current deduction but with much less unnecessary overhead. We need to have healthcare to be a source of profit for thiose who innovate in medicine not paper pushers who work really hard to avoid paying for the healthcare you have already paid them for. 

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